Supporting Handymen in Building Stronger Businesses

How our experience can help your business grow

Our Beginnings

What if your handyman business could grow $6,000 revenue in just 4 months? What if price was no longer an issue when selling your services? Impossible?

This is precisely what we achieved with our service business Maple Leaf Mowing. The steps we teach will propel your business forward, attracting clients to you rather than requiring you to chase after them.

My story began in Ontario, Canada, with a bustling household of 15 kids—yes, it was a full house. Growing up with my single mom, I learned many valuable lessons from her as she supported us by raising purebred Great Pyrenees. Her hard work and care instilled in us kids the principles of honesty and hard work, laying the foundation for my own entrepreneurial spirit.

Ezra McCarthy the handyman web design
Ezra McCarthy with son the handyman web designer

Launch Point!

After working as a roofer to pay my way through college, I realized that this was not a good long term job. I had studied to be a pastor and took my first church, but soon realized I needed a second job to support our family. After finding success running a painting company and then a lawn care company, we moved to the far north to pastor another church in British Columbia. Using the marketing tools and business growth strategies I had learned, we began helping other contractors and handyman with the lessons I had to help them grow their businesses. Now, we are a full time web design and marketing business dedicated to serving others, helping them grow their businesses and make more money.

Our whole business model of $1 for the first month is based on serving our customers to benefit them over the long haul. Questions? Feel free to reach out.

Our Business is based on YOUR long-term success!